Monday, February 17, 2014


Yes, I have pictures for you today!!!!

Let's start with polymer clay: 

Remember these beads that didn't look like much? 

They became this! The light is a bit off (the color of the beads in the first picture is more accurate). But I really think this supports the idea that you don't know the beads full potential until you actually use them. 

So, I'm trying to keep this in mind when I look at this newest batch of beads.

Okay the box is a bit silly, but I like to keep them all together. They are stamped with the symbols for happiness and good fortune. 

These were supposed to be faux jade. To my eye, they are a bit on the blue side...but I do like the way they turned out. The purple/pink set above were a very solid color ---this set is definitely more 'swirly'! (: I think they are a bit light...but I plan to combine them with some brown/gold colored seed beads -- we'll see how that goes. 

NOW, onto wire work. First, I've made about 5 or 6 rings now. Some of them better than others. But my real goal with wire wrapping/wire weaving was to create some pendants.  So here are my first two: 

The purple is the first one. Dakota Stones...Purple Crazy Lace Agate. The bail is too big and I think the bottom is a bit funky ( looks okay here) 

The blue is the second. Crazy Lace Agate from Dakota Stones. The top of the bail is a bit funky but otherwise, I think it is a vast improvement over the purple. 

These are based on an etsy tutorial you can find here. This tutorial by Perfectly Twisted is called the Fossil Coral Pendant Tutorial. As you can see, it creates a simple yet elegant pendant out of  a focal bead. I give it 5 stars --- easy to follow, produces a nice looking product, and even a beginner like me can make something that at least resembles the original. (: 

BTW...I plan to patina both of these as I'm not a fan of shiny copper at least for these stones. I think an antiqued metal will help the stones shine through. 

Oh and while I'm posting photos, I hope when I grow up I can make wire work like this....

This is so NOT my work....this is done by the one and only Rachel Murgatroyd founder of the Wire Guild. In case you didn't read about her in my previous posts, check out her latest adventure here:

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