Thursday, February 27, 2014

My fight with polymer was a great thing!

You know how last time I said I had a fight with my polymer and we weren't talking? Turns out that was AWESOME. I actually took time to go through my beads and put together finished projects! It was a super productive week.

So a bit of show and tell....

A finished polymer necklace and earrings. Not really my favorite but the colors are lovely and the swirl on the main bead turned out really nice.

This might look like a previous project but it was made out of extra beads from that batch.

A quick set of earrings I'm not sure why I made, but they are now attached to ear cards.

A kumihimo bracelet with a fish button. Made with Sally Bead Jewelry "Pop on Top" and "Button closure" patterns. A tad bit too big...but the colors in the bracelet match the button wonderfully.

A necklace and earring set made from a set of polymer beads that I showed in an earlier blog post. One of my first attempts at stringing in a long time and I like how it turned out. The earrings aren't bad either. 

Maybe I should fight with my art materials more often....


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