Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sometimes we succeed! (:

So not all experiments end up like the bezel one!
Check out how bead weaving is going! (:

The following is based on a FREE pattern by Linda Genaw called superduo Flower Chain Bracelet. I highly recommend it. The instructions are very clear and the bracelet is very dainty but lovely. She also has a pattern for matching earrings.

I made two sets. One emerald superduo and one magic purple mixed with size 11/0 toho beads in bronze. You can see I haven't quite finished the second pair of earrings and bracelet but I am missing the right sized jump ring and clasp.

And I made more beaded beads. Some of these use my bead soup beads, but as you don't know what I am going to do with them, I think its okay to show them at this stage.

I am happy that I've actually made a few of these! Sometimes its hard for me to do the same thing over again! But it definitely goes a lot faster the second and third and forth time!

And finally I made a beaded bezel. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Maybe the wrong color choice???

Anyway, not all experiments turn out badly! (:

Oh, in case anyone is reading this! I'd like to make more of the wire wrapped pieces (see a few posts back)....but I need some medium sized flat oval or circle beads or horse eye beads that can fit a 20 gauge wire through them. I bought the above mother of pearl (shown with the beaded bezel) but unfortunately, it only fits a 24 gauge wire which is way too small for that process.  I'd say anywhere from about 15x20mm (appr) to 30x40mm.  If you have recommendations, let me know. 

Fail is not a four letter word

Fail is not a four letter word. Okay...well literally it is but not figuratively. Over the past week or so, I've certainly managed to botch a lot of projects. I actually got inspired and revisited felting. Chuckle that did not go so well. I made some mutant pods that ended up in the garbage.
I confess that  I sometimes wish I had someone to 'hold my hand' through the initial projects. I think that honestly it would go better. But maybe I'll revisit felting sometime in the future again.

But I also attempted resin projects. You know those beautiful projects where they encase items? And this project failed for an entirely different reason!!

Before I get into that, I thought I'd show a picture.

So I started simple. Nothing like trying to do something way beyond your skill level right???? My plan was to use inexpensive bezels and try some cold enameling, add a little charm, and then coat it with resin. The cold enameling actually went very well. Then I applied the resin.....OMG, the resin is so SMELLY! I used a well known, "low resin" product. I did my research really...this is not one of the toxic resins. It made the whole house smell like chemicals.  And that my friends, was the end of my resin experiments. It's a bit of a bummer because I really like the cold enamel process....I need to find something else to seal it with.  
The big fail for me here is the fact that I spent money on the resin and the bezels and the cold enamel. Not the fact that the artistic process failed.  

But if we don't experiment we don't learn anything --right? SO, for some more successful experiments check out the next blog post! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

A great blog....

Happy St Patrick's day!
I thought today I would share a great blog with you -- The Beading Gem's Journal.
Here's the link:

So what do I like about this blog?
One, she always has really interesting creative designs. So it is just a nice place for inspiration.
Two, she advertises many free patterns ---- and free patterns are good right??? (:
Three, about one a week/once every other week, she has a free giveaway.

This week its a gift certificate for Czech beads, so I urge you to go and check it out! (:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bead weaving ... a start

So, I thought maybe I should learn some bead weaving skills. I bought some Fireline for the first time!
Here is my beginner's attempt using Beaded Charm Beads by Claire-Louse Patrick of Ciel Creations on Etsy.

I'm pretty happy with it! It is meant to be work with the side facing out. So...I'm hoping to show you what it looks like in a finished piece some time. 

I might use something like this for my bead soup fire polished beads...

Oh, and the best part...I'm no longer afraid of size 15/0 beads! (:

Do you bead weave? Do you have a favorite beaded bead or beaded pendant pattern???

The bead soup I sent out!

Now that my partner has received it, I also want to post the beads soup I sent out!

This is the bead I sent out --- I was originally going to go with a blue and brown "Wyoming-like" mix but my partner said she worked a lot with muted blues and browns so I changed to this at the last minute. It has gemstone donuts (rose quartz and a mystery one!), little Czech glass moons, a few mother of pearl coin beads, two strands of unicorn teardrops, and a bronze clasp.

I know pink can be hard to work I hope this wasn't too challenging!

Bead Soup is here!

My bead soup from my partner has arrived!

Its got a great oceany feel to it! In the upper left, there are some cool knitted beads.
I don't have specific ideas ....YET!

Some thoughts:
1. Maybe combine the knitted beads with felted beads?
2. Use the fire polished beads and sead beads in some bead weaving
3. Color the metal beads with cold enamel???

What do you think? (:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

This book got me thinking....

I actually splurged on a book. Resin Alchemy by Susan Lenart Kazmer. I bought the book because I thought it might help me work through some more complex projects in resin.

Instead I find myself immersed in the section she wrote on Choosing and Combining Objects specifically Item #3: Build A Piece From the Heart.

If I might quote from the book, "Building a piece from the heart is what distinguishes art from simple crafting. An artist has to put herself onto the canvas. Every artist knows that when you build a piece from your heart, you are exposing your true self -- and that will make you feel vulnerable, maybe even afraid...."

I think this explains why I'm never really happy with my work. I'm by nature, a very private person. While I constantly feel the need to create, I'm not willing to let others take a look at my 'true self'.

Sometimes I feel like my head is a jumble of thoughts.....brave and anxious, cautious and reckless, mothering and sensual. It's a constant push and pull of conflicting emotions. How may I ask do I possibly translate that into art?

I don't really honestly see myself as a great artist or even a potentially great artist. I'm not even sure I would call myself an artist.  I just know that I have to make things. It's kind of like breathing.

Well, this book has given me a great deal to think about. Although I'm not sure how to go about implementing these suggestions or even if I'm willing to.

I sometimes wish this blog was completely anonymous. Even just writing these words above makes me feel like I have exposed too much of  myself.

Bead Soup Blog Swap!

I got my swap partner! (: She seems pretty awesome. And funny thing...she lives in CT where I used to live when I was growing up. I put together her package and got it ready to go tonight. As one might expect from me, I decided to make a different package than my original. I'm actually really happy with it, and I hope my partner likes it and it inspires her!